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. o f   g e o r g e s   b e r o u d


the artist

les peintures sacrées
the sacred paintings

les peintures paysages et
natures morts
the landscape and
still life paintings



Georges Beroud's paintings display the warm and vibrant colours of where he lives in sunny Languedoc. The nearby Mediterranean coast and salt lakes, the lavender and sunflower fields together with the traditional villages and old 'mas' (farmhouses) offer so many vivid subjects. Georges also gets his inspiration from where he grew up in Africa and his travels around the world as a seaman.

Painting takes Georges back to countries he can no longer explore and helps him make the most of the places he loves that are closer to home. He says: "From my childhood in Africa, where I lived until I was 17, I remember the local artists, sculptors and painters who used to sell their art in the village markets. Their drawings on black paper represented traditional dancers and other local characters. These colours have never left me." Georges' paintings evoke landscapes and scenes from the Carribean, Madagascar, La Réunion, Les Comores, Nepal, Tibet and Canada.

Travelling remains a passion - indeed, a necessity - if Georges is to renew stocks of images for inspiration. Georges has exhibited extensively in the Languedoc region where he lives and also in London.

We hope you enjoy the energy and colours of these paintings.